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Which is your favorite KH ship and why?

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▀ (7) Anonymous whispered, "Is it true that Axel and Roxas were supposed to be together/canon but Disney wouldn't allow it?"

There is an interview from Tetsuya Nomura (I’d have to find the exact one, but I know it exists) where he said that he made the characters so that the fans could imagine anything they wanted from it. So if they wanted Axel and Roxas as a couple, he couldn’t say there’s not a chance it couldn’t exist.

▀ (2) dragonmaster-alex-deactivated20 whispered, "The problem with emulators is that Birth by sleep is too graphics heavy during the movies so it's gonna crash a lot. That's the biggest problem with that. Trust me, I've tried bunches of emulators and different versions of the game. Unless you already have the game then it runs a bit better, but it still has a tendency to crash during cut scenes. Best advice? Buy a refurbished 1000 series PSP and get the game."
Anonymous whispered, "Do you know how to use emulators? PSP, specifically? I don't have one and can't buy one, and I REALLY want to play Birth By Sleep. I've tried, but can't figure it out."

Not really. The only emulator I’ve ever used was one to play Pokemon and my boyfriend showed me that. xD; Maybe my followers could help? c: